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Thyroid Video Testimony

Language:- Chinese
Subtitles:- English

She had been suffering from Thyroid for more than 12 years. Both the hands and legs were shivering, she could not walk up stairs; had uncontrollable emotions, wanted to kill herself and others; a lady with no hope just waiting to die;  she had to drink iodine to sustain life; skin problems and depression.

This is an amazing story how she eventually overcome her health challenges and became more and more beautiful year after year.

Consumption of SNE Capsules

Stage 1
Two capsules in the morning, two capsules at night for three weeks – with noticeable improvement

Stage 2
Three capsules in the morning, three capsules at night – With noticeable further improvement

Stage 3
Four capsules in the morning, four capsules at night till 19th Oct 2005 where her T3 and T4 were balanced and her hormone level was also improved according to her medical report.

NOTE:- It is recommended to consume the SNE capsules on an empty stomach with warm water